Introducing Kiap1969


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Introducing Kiap1969

Beitrag von Kiap1969

Allow me to introduce myself:
Nick: kiap, kiap1969 or keyop depending on my mood
Name: Maurice
Age: 50s
Occupation: IT-engineer

Until my 50th birthday I only had the base game in posession. We, my friends from the church I go to, were mostly playing games like Ticket to Ride, Catan and occasionally a Fluxx (Doctor Who edition). Then I got the Big Box for my birthday thanks to my sister and our group started enjoying playing Carcassonne more and more.
Recently I've acquired all the major expansions that were not in the Big Box that I got.
What is most confusing however about much of the online information, is that the contents of the Big Boxes (or at least the numbers) varies by country. What is here listed as Big Box 6 is Big Box 3 in the Netherlands.

Due to the limitations imposed by the government because of the coronavirus, we can no longer play in person with the whole group because a family is only allowed to receive three guests and they should sit 1,5m apart. Luckily we found a wonderfully well working scripted edition of Carcassonne on the TableTopSimulator platform on Steam that we now use while in parallel starting a video conference so we can still see each other while playing. The help-pages for the TTS version also led me to WikiCarpedia which helped a lot.

Other interests include genealogy, console-gaming, D&D.


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Re: Introducing Kiap1969

Beitrag von izscream

Hi Kiap.
You're lucky, in this forum you will find a lot of Fan-expansions.

We are all addicted to carcassonne ;)

Enjoy your stay and keep playing
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Re: Introducing Kiap1969

Beitrag von Ozzy

Hallo Maurice,

Welkom op het Duitse Carcassonne forum.
Hier kan je inderdaad alle info vinden dat je nodig hebt.
Of als je het niet kan terug vinden een vraag stellen.

Groeten, Ozzy


Hallo Kiap1969,

Willkommen im deutschen Carcassonne-Forum.
Hier finden Sie in der Tat alle Informationen, die Sie benötigen.
Oder wenn Sie es nicht finden können, stellen Sie eine Frage.

Grüße, Ozzy


Hieronder een klein beetje meer duidelijkheid over de big boxen proberen te brengen

Big box 1 DE
Big box 2 DE
Big box 3 DE
Big box 4 DE = Big box 1 NL
Big box 5 DE = Big box 2 NL
Big box 2017 (6) DE = Big box 2017 NL (3)


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